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Dear Friends,

The rabbinic tradition teaches the sacredness of marriage;
A woman asked Rabbi Yossi ben Halafta: How many days did it require for Adoshem to make the world? He answered: six. And since then what has He been doing? Making marriages. Bereishit Rabbah

My extended family and friends will be gathering here next week for the marriage of our second child, Lena Miriam Silver, who will stand under the huppah with Aaron Michael Wolfson. In their honor we are thrilled to invite you on Shabbat morning February 13th at ten o clock to an aufrufen- calling to the Torah on Shabbat Parashat Terumah. The hatan and kallah will speak, I will say a few words, many members of our extended family will read Torah and the Board of Trustees is graciously hosting a festive Kiddush luncheon. We want to share this simcha with you and would be most honored by your attendance.

As many of you know I have been privileged to serve as your rabbi since July of 1987. Some of you remember the Silver family from those early days and need no introduction to my family but many do not know much about my now adult children. My former wife, Cheri Ellowitz, and I arrived at Temple Menorah with three very young children; Jesse aged four, Lena aged two and Talya aged three weeks! Since then we were blessed to add one more child to our family, Luke Samson, when he was fifteen years old.

To bring you up to date; Jesse is a literary manager for the entertainment industry here in LA and has a small firm called Mindframe Films.
Lena is a new attorney with Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County. Her partner, Aaron Michael, is the son of Debra and Larry Wolfson. He grew up in Agoura Hills and Anchorage Alaska. He is currently a cardiology fellow at LA County and Keck-USC. They live in downtown LA.

Talya is a newly minted school social worker with the San Francisco Unified School District and lives in Oakland with her fiancé, Joseph Chilcoat. They will be married in July of 2017.
Luke Sampson is an attorney with a boutique law firm in Philadelphia and is engaged to be married in May 2016 to Diane Delpy. Diane is a laboratory manager for Johnson and Johnson. Their wedding will be celebrated in a little village in Bordeaux where Diane’s family lives.
Cheri, by the way, is currently the education director at Congregation Beth Am in Del Mar, California.

As you can imagine it is a busy and wonderful time in our lives. I thank God every moment for my blessings.

Next week, as the day of the huppah draws closer I will be unavailable for most routine matters. My staff will be there, as always, and will be able to reach me in the case of a true emergency. My rabbinic intern, Rebecca Yussman, will be officiating Friday night February 12th for the Tot Shabbat Service at 6:30 pm and Shabbat morning. Thank you Student Rabbi Rebecca!

We all look forward to celebrating with you on Shabbat morning.

Mazel Tov

Steven L Silver, Rabbi



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