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Social Action

The concept of tikkun olam comes from the Kabbalists who believed that G-d had to contract to make room for the world. His divine light was put into special vessels that eventually shattered, with pieces falling to earth. Kabbalists believe that these shards, in which sparks of light are trapped, are all that is bad in the world. Whenever we perform a mitzvah, we separate the sacred from the profane and release the light within. Every day we have an opportunity to collect shards and release their light. So when we speak of tikkun olam, we are speaking of fixing what is broken in our society.

Thus, the goal of the Tikkun Olam/Social Action Committee (TOSAC) is to translate Jewish beliefs and practices into action, and to fix what is broken in our society.

The TOSAC committee currently sponsors four major activities:

* Michael Mitzvah Day

* Feeding the Homeless

* Jewish World Watch Walk

* Blood Drive

Michael Mitzvah Day in an annual event in memory of Michael Porzucki in which the temple community gathers to perform mitzvot. There have been a number of different activities over the years, including beach clean-up with "Heal the Bay," clean-up at Wilderness park, writing letters to soldiers, baking cookies for a fund raiser, and knitting for soldiers. The last Michael Mitzvah day sponsored a luncheon for homeless/low income people.

Feeding the Homeless in conjunction with local churches. On the fourth Thursday of each month temple members prepare and serve food to the needy at a local church.

Jewish World Watch Walk is an annual event sponsored by Jewish World Watch to raise money to end genocide in Darfur.

Blood Drives allow members to donate blood to the Red Cross.

Join Us

The committee is always looking for new members to support these events. We are also always looking for new activities to sponsor, so if you have an idea for a mitzvah project, we would love to hear it. Finally, the committee needs people who are good at communications to help publicize events, so if you have a talent in that area we would love to have you.

The committee meets twice a month on Sundays. Anyone is welcome to come to the meetings.

If you would like more information on the committee you can contact the Temple or the Committee Chairman, Gail Rodkin, at grodkin@socal.rr.com


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