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Temple Menorah President's Weekly Message
Join us at the Gala to show your support of the Temple Menorah Community

I’ve been writing a lot recently about community, about what it means to be a member of a congregation, and how relationships form one of the most important reasons we choose to be a member of a specific synagogue. Many of us are still members after 5, 10, or even 25 years because we are deeply in love with this community, congregation, and our fellow members.

We are at a unique and pivotal point in our history of over 70 years. We’ve hired this past year a new Rabbi, an energetic, passionate, and committed leader, Rabbi Leah Lewis. She is facing a unique and difficult challenge: How to right-size our community, how to establish a financial foundation for success in the future, and how to re-kindle the Menorah Lights of Temple Menorah.

Our Rabbi is not the Messiah. She cannot do this alone. The only way we are going to build a thriving, vibrant, dynamic, engaging, and connected community is by banding together as members with her to show we all care very deeply about the success of Temple Menorah.

One of the most significant ways to show her and everyone else in our community that Temple Menorah is a beautiful place to invest in with our families is to SHOW UP for the Gala. What was the old comedic line from Woody Allen about success and just showing up?

Our Gala committee has put together an outstanding program. Will you have fun that evening – of course, you will! There will be music, gambling tables, magicians, excellent food, and great company. Let’s also not forget the purpose of our Gala – to honor a group of volunteers and professional staff for whom we are grateful for their contributions to our community.

Perhaps, the most important reason to purchase your tickets RIGHT NOW before the Friday deadline, and commit to SHOWING UP, is to convey to Rabbi Lewis and the rest of our community, that you love Temple Menorah, that you hope future generations will carry on your legacy here – children and grandchildren, and that your family could not imagine a life without Temple Menorah.

This is our ONE opportunity to come together in what could be the most pivotal year of our existence as a congregation, and prove to Rabbi Lewis (and each other) that we are committed together to help move Temple Menorah from GOOD to GREAT.

Please join us in SHOWING UP at the Gala, and reinforcing our love and gratitude for this community and congregation.

Barry Deutsch