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For Temple Menorah members who desire to be part of a more intimate community within the congregation we invite you to join a Chavurah!

What is a Chavurah?

The word Chavurah comes from the Hebrew word "chaver," meaning friend. It is a small group of Temple families who want to share, learn, celebrate and enjoy Jewish life together in an informal friendly setting. Chavurah members form lasting bonds by creating a caring community.

Why do people join a Chavurah?

People join for many reasons; the most important is the desire for community. People want to be with others to share experiences, explore values and develop friendships. Chavurah is one way to experience the synagogue and develop a sense of intimacy with the entire congregation by breaking down the total size of the congregation into smaller groups. As your kids grow, a Chavurah fosters a deep feeling of connection to other Jewish families and the synagogue. Temple Menorah is a place where some of your most important friendships reside. A Chavurah can be an especially wonderful way to celebrate life cycle events together and when necessary, provide comfort and support during times of sadness, illness, and loss.

Learn New Things

Your Chavurah might choose to invite speakers to discuss topics which interestyou, from the Middle East to the latest Jewish bestseller.

Share a Special Interest

Your Chavrah might focus on a shared interest such as literature, cooking, biking, or theater. Or, your Chavurah could focus on doing social action projects to help our world.

Become Part of an Extended Family

Your Chavurah might choose a different type of activity for each month, combining study, celebration, socialization, and most of all, fun! What's important is that you will create strong bonds of friendship with your other Chavurah members.

How does a Chavurah work?

Chavurot range in membership from about 6 to 10 families (or 10 to 24 people). They meet regularly, at least once a month, usually in the homes of the members on a rotating basis, but often go to different venues (plays, movies, museums, etc.). Attending these meetings on a regular basis ensures the success of the group. Each group appoints a president who, with help, organizes the programs.

What will a Chavurah do for me?

Whether it is a Havdallah service, a Purim celebration, or Shabbat, celebrating holidays as a group can be filled with meaning. A Chavurah gives you the opportunity to take part in home celebrations in a supportive environment, combining fun and creativity to bring added meaning to the holidays with each New Year.

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